Get Discount Office Supplies Using Our Staples Discount Program

Ordering office supplies can be a cumbersome and costly task. Let us streamline the process for you. Our Staples Program is a one-stop-shop that will save you time and money. We can save you an average of 45% off list price for all your office supply needs. With our Staples discount program, members get discounts on office supplies, janitorial supplies, furniture, office equipment and managed services. If that wasn’t enough, members also have access to an account manager dedicated to helping your business or association members get what’s needed at the lowest price.

Exclusive Discounts & Benefits with Staples Program

  • Save an average of 45% off list price on Staples office products
  • Quarterly reporting is available
  • World-class product selection
  • Rebates & Incentives available worth an additional 1-4%
  • 1400+ highly discounted core items
  • Support from Staples’ office experts
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Employee perk program

Get Discounts On

  1. Office Supplies
    • Break room supplies – coffee, coffee supplies, mugs, etc…
    • Stamps, Signage and Promotional Products
    • Computer Supplies – keyboards & mice, monitors, monitor stands, etc…
  2. Facilities/Janitorial Solutions
    • Additional savings from manufacturers such as:
      • Georgia-Pacific
      • Diversey
      • GOJO
      • Kimberly Clark
      • 3M
    • Toilet paper, kleenex, hand towels, soaps
  3. Office Furniture
    • Desks
    • Chairs
    • Conference Rooms
    • Common Areas
    • Outdoor
    • Consulting & Design Help
  4. Office Equipment & Managed Printing
    • Multi-function Devices
    • Printers
    • Software & Accessories
    • Toner Delivery
    • Maintenance Services & Device Support
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Streamline and Save

Save time purchasing by allowing your account manager to set up a private business portal for your company, so ordering is quick and easy. Save money with average savings of 45% off list price, rebates and incentives available for an additional 1-4% off, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50. That’s a lot of savings waiting for you!

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Interested in saving on more than just office supplies?

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The average customer saves 22% on their current expenses.