UNA Purchasing Solutions is your procurement partner with a proven portfolio of value-based purchasing solutions to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and to exceed brand operational standards. From turning the latest industry trends into value-added services to creating exceptional, revenue-driving offers, UNA Purchasing is ready to support you in defining new levels of value for your customers.

Benefits of the UNA Purchasing Procurement Program

Immediate savings

  • Our customers are realizing cost savings based on the volume and breadth of your spend through the UNA Purchasing program.
  • A network of strong national and regional programs for key product categories that you purchase today.
  • Savings on numerous service, equipment and supply partners.

Two of the most common areas of hospitality procurement we help our members with are foodservice and hotels.

Food purchasing

We have extensive agreements with major food distributors to help you save on all the foodservice purchases you already make. If you’re looking for a food buying group, UNA is your best option.

Hotel purchasing

Running a hotel has many moving parts, and hotel buying groups can help you get your needed supplies at a discounted rate. We understand your needs and have the right agreements with the right suppliers to help you make your dollars go further.

Maximize your opportunities

The UNA Purchasing Team provides you with reports that compare the pricing on products/services that you currently purchase with a list of contracted items (comparable products/services) at our negotiated pricing. You simply make the conversion when and where it makes sense for your business.

Continuous customer support

  • World-class customer service, reporting tools along with hundreds of procurement best practices and resources for your specific type of industry.
  • Insights from UNA Purchasing—resources to help you maximize the benefits of the program for your business.

Experts that support your business

Our team understands every facet of the industry including Food & Beverage*, Rooms, Housekeeping, Maintenance and FF&E*.

Keeping customer experience top of mind, we use our knowledge of vacation, business travel, tourism, restaurant and gaming trends to develop solutions catered to your specific needs.  Our goal is to align our objectives with yours in the pursuit of ever increasing revenues, as well as guest and employee satisfaction.

Savings Example: The example below shows the incredible value that can be delivered to your properties or managed clients by achieving sustainable savings across your entire organization.

Chart mapping the savings of hospitality and food service management firms who enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO program

*Based on historical averages, actual results may vary.