The UNA Purchasing Solutions team is dedicated to serving the needs of associations and their members by creating a customized program that delivers valuable discounts on business products and services.

The Benefits for an Association Partnership with UNA Purchasing Solutions

  • Offers association members a no cost, easy to use benefits program that provides savings that can easily offset the cost of membership dues.
  • Increase the value in your association member benefits for current member retention and new member recruiting.
  • The Association Purchasing Program will be customized for your association to meet the unique purchasing needs of your members and organization.
  • UNA Purchasing’s support to assist with marketing your association’s program.

Savings Example: The example below shows the incredible value add that can be delivered to your members by achieving sustainable savings for all of your association members who choose to participate.

Chart mapping the savings of associations that enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO program

*Based on historical averages, actual results may vary per association member.