Group purchasing organizations facilitate contracts with suppliers for dozens or hundreds of companies at once, meaning they are able to offer efficiencies and cost savings to their members on purchases they already make. Not only can GPOs leverage the combined purchasing power of multiple businesses, they also can bring balance to the negotiating equation because they already have relationships with vendors and suppliers. Allowing a GPO to facilitate your purchasing needs means that you receive the benefits in a number of areas:

Cost Savings:

When you pool your buying power with other medium-sized businesses or organizations, you receive the benefit of upfront savings from higher volume and negotiated discounts. A large, well-established group purchasing organization will be able to facilitate substantial contracts with commonly used vendors. With UNA, you not only benefit from contracts that provide you cost savings, but you are free to utilize only the contracts that benefit your company and have no minimum spend requirements.

Supply Chain Management:

Much of small businesses’ resources can be eaten up by trying to manage the purchasing process and close deals with suppliers. GPOs can provide valuable cost-avoidance savings to organizations by helping them standardize and streamline their purchasing and manage all the aspects of purchasing from start to completion, cutting down on the amount of internal resources required to handle purchasing in small businesses.

Procurement Partnership:

GPOs work as an extension of your internal procurement department as an additional resource for efficient sourcing, supplier and contract management.

Cost Comparison Analysis:

Understanding where dollars are going when it comes to purchasing and procurement can be challenging and time-consuming. GPOs can help sort through the data and analyze your savings. UNA’s supplier partners can provide a free comparison of your company’s current pricing and the savings generated by purchasing through our contracts.

Customized Member Programs:

Sometimes businesses purchasing needs require plans that go beyond out-of-the-box setups. With UNA, our supplier partners can customize their programs to meet your company’s unique purchasing needs.

Data & Analytics:

Want insight into purchasing and supply chain management? Through innovative technology and advanced analytical tools, UNA Purchasing helps you eliminate product and service duplications, analyze potential savings and evaluate competitive purchasing behavior.