Whatever your industry or market, chances are there are several areas of your business where you are spending more money than you need to be when purchasing products or services. Whether you don’t have access to group contracts for these areas or they’re simply underutilized, examining your purchasing habits for these often hidden opportunities can help you increase and fully leverage your company’s buying power.

Run a cost comparison analysis. Whether you leverage this service from your GPO or use an internal procurement resource, compare your company’s current pricing and the savings generated by purchasing through a GPO to understand your areas of opportunity.

Streamline purchases. Use a GPO to streamline your purchasing process, eliminating spending unnecessary time and money negotiating contracts with multiple suppliers. GPOs have our pre-negotiated contracts that you can simply tap into.

Order direct from suppliers. Skip the middleman’s cumbersome process and order directly from your GPO’s leading supplier partners to quickly start accessing cost savings for your company.

Ask for customization. Many GPOs are able to tailor suppliers’ programs to meet the specific needs of their member companies.