When you’re looking for options to increase buying power or join in on collective group buying for your business, our pre-negotiated agreements allow you to bypass the request for proposal and sourcing processes. That means we not only save you money, but we also save you time.

UNA Purchasing Solutions membership has a combined $60 billion in buying power. That translates into strategic importance with our supplier partners. Our members are automatically customers of choice, with the privileges that implies. We provide long-term solutions and industry expertise so that our members can focus on initiatives that are truly strategic to their business

Whether you are in corporate businesses, the hospitality and food service industry, or private equity, UNA Purchasing has discount programs to meet your unique needs.

Hospitality & food service 

Group Buying for Businesses Gives You Measurable Results

Upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement, share your spend data with us and put our team to work on your no-cost assessment. We will analyze your spend across multiple categories, assess your savings opportunities and provide immediate results, including a savings summary as well as item-level detail on specific product/service savings.

Savings example: Based on average volumes in four categories of indirect spend, $1 billion in revenue and 1,500-2,000 employees, a member can potentially save:

Chart mapping the savings of corporate businesses that enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO program

*Based on historical averages, actual results may vary.