Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have been assumed to serve the healthcare industry predominantly, as mentioned in our blog post, Mythbusters: GPO Style. Although GPO’s may have started by helping hospitals, they have extended their helping hand into other industries such as associations, businesses, the hospitality industry.

Don’t believe us?

Here a few of the ways joining a GPO can help your non-healthcare organization:


GPOs offer association members a no-cost, easy-to-use benefits program that provides savings as well as increases the value of benefits for current and future members.

At UNA, the Association Affinity Purchasing Program is customized to meet your association’s unique purchasing needs and assist you with marketing your association.

Chart mapping the savings of associations that enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO programSavings Example: The example here shows the incredible value add that can be delivered to your members by achieving sustainable savings for all of your association members who choose to participate.


GPOs have pre-negotiated agreements that allow your business to bypass the request for proposal and sourcing processes when looking for options to increase buying power. That means you’re not only saving money, you’re saving time!

UNA’s membership has a combined $60 billion in buying power, which translates into strategic importance with our many noted supplier partners.

Chart mapping the savings of corporate businesses that enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO program

Savings example: The table to the right includes estimated savings for a business based on average volumes in 4 categories of indirect spend, $1 billion in revenue and 1,500-2,000 employees.


GPO members realize cost savings through a network of strong national and regional programs for the major product categories that your organization is already purchasing. Within UNA, two of the most common areas of hospitality procurement we help our members with are food service and housekeeping.

Our team understands every facet of the industry including Food & Beverage, Capital Purchases,  Housekeeping, Maintenance and FF&E , and will provide you with price comparison reporting,  along with our excellent customer support.

Chart mapping the savings of hospitality and food service management firms who enrolled in UNA Purchasing Solutions GPO programSavings Example: The example here shows the incredible value that can be delivered to your properties or managed clients by achieving sustainable savings across your entire hospitality group.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of joining a GPO just because you are not in healthcare! GPOs can offer big benefits to many industries. World-class customer service, reporting tools along with hundreds of procurement best practices and resources for your industry are waiting for you in partnership with a GPO.

Check out how UNA Purchasing Solutions can help your organization save time and money today!

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