5 Things Veterinary and Dental Associations Should Know About GPOs

Are you tired of searching for the best deals in purchasing for your practice or members? The cost comparison alone is time-consuming, and as an independent clinic or Association, your contract options are sometimes limited. Whether it’s adding a benefit offering for your Dental or Veterinary Association members or saving some cash for your practice, […]

3 Supplier Negotiation Strategy Tips

It’s no secret that the market prices for goods and services for business operations continuously shift, ebbing and flowing. However, most companies are locked into vendor contracts at a fixed point, rarely to be renegotiated. However cumbersome the bidding or negotiation process may be, it needs to be done thoroughly and frequently for the optimal […]

Service management systems

Member Spotlight: Service Management Systems

You know that by partnering with UNA Purchasing Solutions, you can save an average of 22% on goods and services your company is purchasing. You know that our selected suppliers are among the top rated in the country and the exclusive member discounts we leverage on behalf of our members are unbeatable. It’s one thing […]

Save up to 60% off your next hotel

Business Travel Savings at the Touch of a Button

Last week, our partner Hotel Engine announced their international expansion plan for 2017 with 20,000 new locations opening in South and Central America and the Caribbean. With the hotel booking platform, you can now travel to over 100,000 locations in over 110+ countries for less than public booking rates. According to the U.S. Travel Association, […]

Hotel Engine logo

Hotel Engine Expands Into South America

UNA Purchasing Solutions’ partner, Hotel Engine, announced yesterday an expansion of their international presence with the addition of 20,000 hotels in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Now Hotel Engine’s easy-to-use, on-demand technology travel solution will grant UNA members exclusive access to corporate hotel discounts in over 100,000 properties in 110+ countries, with a […]

3 ways associations can avoid losses with an affinity program

3 Ways Associations Can Avoid Losses With An Affinity Program

Affinity programs are a great source of diversified, non-dues revenue for associations and a useful tool for recruitment and member retention –  if done properly. Without thorough research and consideration though, an affinity program could end up bleeding your association of resources. The resources (time and relational upkeep) it takes to implement and maintain a quality […]

Four ways an AT&T business plan can drive productivity

Four Ways An AT&T Business Plan Can Drive Productivity

No matter the size of your company, your time is precious. With reliable resources and a stable process in play, productivity can go through the roof. Your wireless service is a powerful tool that can make or break your company’s productivity. What if you could get a top-rated mobile business plan at a discount with […]

Five Tips for Success

UNA Gives Back: Five Tips for Success from Anthony Clervi

UNA President and CEO, Anthony Clervi, recently visited his alma mater McKendree University to encourage the next generation of business professionals to pursue their professional and personal goals.  Since his graduation in 2008, he has gone from basic data entry to now the owner and President of a fast-growing buying group. Now Anthony is paying it […]

Fundraising and non-dues revenue

Fundraising and Non-Dues Revenue

Associations, like any other organization or business, need to make money. However, the financial landscape of Associations is much more elaborate than what meets the eye. There is a significant segment of revenue streaming in from membership dues, but beyond that, there are several other avenues that can help bring in additional revenue. For example, […]

10 Signs You Need an Affinity Program

10 Signs You Need An Affinity Program

For associations, managing your member organizations and trying to maintain high satisfaction comes with plenty of challenges. If you have run into any of these hurdles, it may be a sign your association could use a high powered member benefit affinity program: 1. Need Some Marketing Help? Not only is implementing an affinity program entirely customizable […]