UNA Purchasing Solutions Partners with Chosen Payments

You know that UNA Purchasing can save your company money on every day purchasing needs such as shipping, office supplies, and travel, but as of today, we are now offering discounted credit card processing and other merchant services to our members. Enjoy gift card and loyalty programs, merchant loans, marketing support, and data breach protection plans, […]

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Cooperatives vs. Group Purchasing Organizations

If saving your business time and money was on your resolution list this year, then perhaps you’ve already been looking for ways to set savings into motion. To help you narrow in on a cost efficient procurement strategy, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve encountered in regards to Cooperatives […]


New Year, New Savings Opportunities

Between gifts, parties, and travel, your wallet has probably taken a holiday hit. Don’t worry, when it comes to your business purchasing needs, we’ve got you covered. As a gift to ring in the new year, we have packaged up three ways to keep more money in your pockets. Gear up for 2017 with savings […]


What’s the Catch?

We’re on the tail-end of that time of year when phrases like “Zero down,” “Big holiday savings,” and other promotions promising low prices are floating around. Along with visions of discounts, there is suspicion in the air. Who can you trust? What are the hidden fees? What’s the catch? At UNA Purchasing Solutions, we value transparency. […]


Your Part In Group Purchasing

There is a reason puzzles are typically printed with pictures on them. Humans want to connect a larger vision. It’s easier to partake or put together 10,000 tiny pieces when you can see the overall design coming together.  When you partner with a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), you are actually one piece in a cohesive purchasing […]


UNA Purchasing Solutions Partners With Hotel Engine

At UNA Purchasing Solutions, we partner with only the best suppliers to offer our members discounts on top-quality products and services. Even with our extensive list of suppliers, there was still something missing. We lacked a reliable partner in the travel space. As we began the search, we were looking for a company that could offer an […]


Indirect Procurement Strategy

Remember our strategy for becoming a two-cookie company by maximizing your spend? Let’s shift perspective and pretend that you own the bakery and are looking to cut down on your spending. When looking at your expenses, you can separate your costs into two buckets. The first is what it takes to keep the day-to-day business alive […]


5 Reasons We’re Thankful For You!

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we are taking inventory and counting our blessings. The top of our list? You! To show our appreciation for your partnership, we are listing five of the reasons we are thankful plus giving you the chance to win a free Chipotle gift card! 1. We get to do […]


Five Reasons to be Grateful for Group Buying

It’s November. The leaves are changing, it’s football season again, colder weather has set in; there are so many reasons why this is the season that stirs up Thanksgiving. For your company, it’s no different. The year is winding down, and it’s time to reflect on victories and losses of the past 365 days.  No […]


Maximize Your Buying Power

Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck, especially when it’s the company’s buck. While every dollar may have the same inherent value, a dollar strategically spent can procure much more. For example, a child takes a dollar to a bakery and leaves with one cookie. Another child comes to the same bakery […]