Save Money Using Our AT&T Program

Chances are your business heavily relies on the internet, business phone lines, and wireless networks. Why not save money while staying connected? With our AT&T Program, you get access to the nation’s strongest LTE network at the lowest available prices. Our members can save 22% on monthly service charges with one of the top-qualified wireless plans in the country, along with a host of other value-added benefits and savings.

Exclusive Benefits with AT&T

  • Flexible contract terms and no-contract options for risk-free transitions
  • The option of visiting any AT&T store or purchasing online
  • The nation’s strongest LTE signal
  • Truly shareable data on up to 10 phones, tablets, and other wireless devices
  • Rollover DataSM with AT&T Mobile ShareSM Value Plans
  • Available discounts for both members and their employees
  • Equipment discounts of up to 30% on select equipment upon activation

Stay Connected for Less

Savings are just a few steps away. Sign up is free for UNA Purchasing Solutions members and contracts can be fit to your businesses unique needs. Simply fill out the form to the right, and we will be in touch!

*Disclaimer: 50 employee minimum to access this discount

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